Plateau Valley Elk Ranch

Ranch History

Since 1990, Plateau Valley Elk Ranch has been one of the largest elk ranches in the Mountain West. Located in western Colorado, hundreds of farmed elk live on the 500 acre ranch. Their elk ranching began with Martin and Donna Azcarraga with the assistance of their sons. Now, the ranch is co-operated by Andy and Mark Azcarraga.

A bull known as Colorado Extreme became the Azcarraga's first bull to give a face to their breeding program. Many animals were bred using this bull and sold across the country. In 1995, they purchased Max from Clearstone Farms that took the ranch to the next level. Using Max on the farm, new breeding sires were born. PVER 1J Max Fargo and PVER 2J Max Extreme were born in 1999 that would become the leading sires of the ranch. Max Fargo would be known as one of the best typical bulls in North America.

Today, a third generation of Azcarraga's are helping work the elk at a young age. The ranch continues to thrive with selective breeding programs.

The Azcarraga's are very involved with the elk industry. The family has been active with the Colorado Elk Breeders Association for over two decades. Andy currently serves as president of the Colorado Elk Breeders Association, Vice-President of the North American Elk Breeders Association and on the American Cervid Alliance Leadership Council.

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